The Case for Chief Me Officer

The Case for Chief Me Officer

May 8th, 2011 // 10:30 pm @

As we ramp up to start offering the Junior Chiefs Chief Me Officer workshops, today’s article “Making kids work on goals (and not just soccer)” by The Wall Street Journal’s “Work and Family” columnist, Sue Shellenbarger, couldn’t be better timed.  Shellenbarger spotlights a recent Gallup survey that reveals what I think most parents who are deeply concerned about their children’s ability to compete in the growing ever more competitive global economy of the 21st century need to understand:  A majority of U.S. students lack faith in their ability to reach their goals.  

If our kids lack the self-esteem, knowledge and guidance necessary to achieve their goals – both personal and professional – where will their lives lead them as adults?

Check out what Sue has to say in her intro video below and in the more in-depth article here.


Let us know what you think and whether your kid is (or will be when the time comes) on the right track toward setting the right goals to achieve his or her dreams.

As always, have a great Chief Parenting day!

Dan Dement

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